Not My deadjournal.

Really, it's a livejournal.

Jesus and I have a lot in common; he was a tall lanky kind of cat, and so am I. He liked to kick around in pyjamas, I also enjoy doing that. On easter he became a blood thirsty zombie, I have also come back from the dead, and so I guess that makes me a zombie too. I used to be vegan until I realized how bad a strictly vegan diet is for you, seriously, humans aren't built to be vegans. Most of the vegans I know have erectile dysfunction. Seriously, google veganism and erectile dysfunction and you'll find the science behind it. I do eat babies, but don't worry, as someone who enjoys the odd purge here and there, I do get most of them back up for a burial-at-sea of sorts. One day I hope to be a taxidermist.